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Andy Park

Full stack web developer

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    On the road 24/7

    Soon after I graduated from University of California, Irvine, I jumped into the sales industry selling various products in both B2C and B2B settings. There was quite a lot of business travel involved, which gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with new people around the world.

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    Secret to success: Teamwork!

    One valuable lesson that I've learned in sales is the importance of teamwork. Working cross functionally with management or engineering teams, I quickly realized that nothing can be done alone, especially when there are so many moving parts!

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    New Chapter in life

    From business trips to ongoing projects, everything haulted. Rather than "going with the flow", I decided to take this opportunity to really self-reflect on where my career was heading towards to. I soon realized I wanted a new challenge, a challenge that would help me gain valuable hard skills at the end. That challenge...... is becoming a full stack web developer!

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    Learn bootcamp style:

    Challenge Accepted!

    I started off learning on my own little by little on Udemy. However, I quickly realized that I wanted to push myself even further. That is when I decided to go full time as a student at LearningFuze. Even though it was one of the most intense 14 weeks of my life, I've gain so much knowledge in different tools like JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, and many more!

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    This is just the beginning

    While I continously search for a company to work for (like yours), learning definitely doesn't stop here. It's just the beginning of this exciting journey of becoming a programmer, so lets talk!


flight track 247 login page

FlightTrack 247

A full-stack web and mobile-responsive application that allows users to search all the flights currently in route as well as retrieve selected airport's departure and arrival information.

ajax project intro page


An AJAX project application that allows users to see what services are needed for their vehicle and see NHTSA's complaints about the vehicle logged by other drivers.

account page

Planet Journal

A dynamic application that allow users to edit, modify, and save their notes about discovered planets.

ajax project intro page

Kanban Planner Board

A full-stack web and mobile-responsive application that allows users to organize their tasks into todo, doing, and done.

















Creating memoriable moments in different parts of the world

We race against time, and every second that passes by becomes the past of its past. I think that's why I love photography. It allows us to capture that special moment so that its with us forever.

Andy Park

Actively looking for opportunites.